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August 2013

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You’ve already done all of the hard work to pull these customers in, so why not develop your relationship with them further? Studies have shown many times over that if someone is made to feel special by a certain business, then they will go back to that business repeatedly, regardless of other changing factors. For example, if a customer already knows they are going to be well looked after, they will be more willing to overlook changes in price. For the customer, the importance of receiving top quality service can be a lot more important than paying the cheapest price.  Here are

According to Litan, the shutdown was very similar to the denial of service hacker attacks which have plagued U.S. financial institutions for quite some time. The websites of several of the nation’s largest banks, including Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC) and others, have been shut down temporarily due to the hacker attacks. The attacks have happened multiple times on the same big banks.