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Why brochures are important for your business

Advertising is very important when it comes to bringing in clients for your business. From print ads, to social media pages, maintaining the interest of your clients brings in a lot of revenue for your company. A highly effective marketing tool that has been used for years is brochures. Brochure designs should use quality but precise content, catchy phrases and vibrant pictures to convey your message in a clear way to your reader. This is why creating an effective brochure design is critial to the success of your business.  It needs to have a lasting impact as well as perceived benefits on your clients or potential clients. Brochures provide a unique way to connect with these prospects and it must stand out from your competition.

INTELLIPLANS brochure designers as well as marketing experts are specialists in creating impactful and outstanding brochures.  Let's face facts, almost anyone can create a brochure using a variety of softwares, yes, even paint! Unfortunately, we've seen it with our eyes.  The issue is not the ability to do something, but the expertise in which it is done.  No one would go to a automotive mechanic to work on his teeth, eventhough a mechanic may be good with tools.  Similarly, creating a brochure design requires a lot of expertise.  For example, how men and women think and look at a product advertised, what colors affect that product, how are items layed out, what type of fonts are used just to name a few things most "do-it-yourself" business owners fail to understand when their products are not getting a good response. If you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or someone who operates a non-profit organization, you will eventually need to share information easily.  We provide an easy, low-cost and professional way way to do just that. A brochure is a quick and economical way to provide information about your products and/or services, promotions and events to new or existing clients.

Common Brochure Design Ideas:

A few common uses or ideas for brochures include: enhancing of existing marketing materials, complementing an advertising, educational, or fundraising effort. Brochures are ideal for distributing information about products and or services, answering common questions, used as direct mailers and perfect for Counter top displays or in store handouts.

Let’s go into some more details about how your brochure should appeal to your clients, and how INTELLIPLANS can help you utilize your ideas onto a brochure.

At the beginning of each panel, you must make sure that you catch your client’s attention with questions that is important to your readers. Try to provide them with phrases that will make them realize that they would need this type of product or service in their lives. When you know what they want and you already have the answer for them, then you will most like receive a lead.  Try to avoid having too much information in a brochure, simply refer to your website or phone number. With INTELLIPLANS, our goal is to help you draw in clients with organized paragraphs that catch’s the client’s attention as quickly as possible.

Adding pictures to a brochure can tell a lot more about your product, service or business. Our graphic designers will create stunning designs that will do just that. Pictures added to a brochure provide more detail as to what you are actually providing from your business to the client. Make sure the photographs are relevant to what your company is about, instead of having pictures that do not relate to your service or product.

When you have enough information to inform your client that your product or service is the right thing for them, then a call to action is required. This persuades the client into going on with their motives provided from the brochure, and since your brochure brought attention to questions that were in their mind, then you are more likely to get a lead. Overall, brochures are very important for your business because people like to know what their buying, and if you have a professional brochure, you've done a good piece of the work necessary for getting great results.

INTELLIPLANS Marketing Materials Portfolio
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One of the most recognized and low-cost way to advertise your company’s products or services is through a professionally designed brochure.  Professionally designed brochures can easily provide a potential cilent with quick access to your company’s information, services and/or products offered. 

Unless you're a marketing or advertising company, you will need a professionally designed brochure to sell your products and services. We have the expertise to assist you in promoting your company, products or services to potential clients in a clear, understandable and convincing manner. Our designs will enhance your image as well as project a high degree of professionalism. Today, more than ever, it is imperative for businesses to have effective brochure designs that quickly convey the corporate image most small-to-medium sized businesses need.

Brochure Quick Facts

  • Brochures, similar to business cards, contain printed information about a company’s products or services.
  • Brochures are one of the most important marketing tools that give your potential client or customer a brief glimpse of your business, products and services.
  • Brochures are probably the most common form of advertising and promotional material prepared by a company. Not only that, it is probably the first piece of advertising and promotional material that a company prepares to market its products.
  • Brochure also projects your business image in your absence.

It is important for the customers to see the brochure of the product that they are interested in buying. Customers usually ask for the brochure before buying a product. It seems that a brochure somehow gives a feeling of confidence to the prospective customers for a number of reasons.

  • After getting the brochure they feel that they have all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision. They are not interested in reading lengthy details about your company and products but are interested to quickly get the facts. They achieve this by scanning the key points or the sub-headings to get a fair understanding of the story of your business and offering.
  • The brochure converts the intangible into tangible.
  • A brochure establishes the credibility of the seller in the eyes of the customer.

A brochure is absolutely essential for most businesses, including yours. Apart from giving confidence to the customer to deal with your company, it also serves as a standard presentation tool. Instead of writing a separate presentation for a new customer, you can just send the brochure with a personalised letter. It is critical that brochure designs reflect the company and brand image in a positive manner. A good way to visualize the brochure’s role in a direct mail package is to think in terms of retail selling. Here’s how each component contributes to the total sell:

  • The outer envelope takes the place of the signboard of your company or your store.
  • The letter takes the place of the sales person.
  • The order card is the cashier.
  • The brochure is the product itself.

Since the brochure is replacing actual physical contact with the product, it must contain all the information the prospect needs to know before buying.

Catalog Designs We also provide creative catalog designs for products. Catalogs are used by businesses which have a very large range of products. Usually, catalogs have large number of pages, that is, more pages than a broucher.

Exceptional Quality

Don't just take our word for it. Look at our brochure design portfolio and see for yourself. We offer an array of samples so you can see exactly what we can do.

One in-house brochure designers assigned to your project

We have a pool of talented in-house graphic designers. Unlike other design companies, we do not outsource our work to 'fly-by-night' freelancers. Our designers work on every design project, so that you get a variety of styles and concepts to choose from.

Quick Turnaround

We offer you several concepts to choose from within 48 Hours.

Up to 1 Redraw and up to 4 Revisions

There are no hidden charges for revisions. Your satisfaction remains our ultimate goal. We will revise your brochure up to 4 times and 1 redraw.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer you 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money. Thus, you have a Win-Win situation with nothing to lose ever.