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Events Management System


  • Nested categories: Allows site owner to organize your events across infinite categories and subcategories.
  • Events management: Site owner can now create and manage events on directly on their own website
    • You can create both free event and paid events.
    • Users will be able to browse for events and register themselves for the event(s) directly on your website.
    • You can also create recurring (daily, monthly, weekly recurring) events.
  • Events submission: Allows your visitors (if permissions are set) to submit events directly from your website.
    • You can also allow users to submit locations and choose these locations for their events in the front-end as well.
  • Free and paid event support: Site owner can create both free or paid events. For paid events, registrants can pay using a credit card or PayPal.
  • SSL / HTTPS support: SSL / https allows registrant information to be secured. The information they enter on the donation form will be encrypted while transfering between pages with 99.9% browser recognition and up to 256-bit encryption. This option is very useful if you accept registrations on your website, either with authorize.net or another gateway.
  • Events registration system is PCI compliance as it does not store credit card information on the website.
  • Collect registrants information: Allows site owner to collect information of registrants (both individual and group registration) when they register for your events.
  • Group and Individual Registration support: Users can register for an event as an individual or register a group of individuals.
    • For group registration, users will be able enter necessary information of all members in the group.
    • With group rate setting for each event, you will be able to give discount for group registration .
  • Multilingual support: Allows site owner to create events, categories, locations, custom fields in different languages. So now, if you build a multilingual website, you won't have to worry about it anymore.
  • Shopping cart option: This feature allows registrant to choose register for several events within one checkout. It works like a shopping cart system.
  • Deposit payment: Allows site owner to create a deposit for each event. For example, a site owner can create an event which requires a deposit of 50% up front and the remaining 50% when they come to the event.
  • Multiple payment gateways: Integrates with Authorize.net, Paypal, Eway, Worldpay and check/money order. Other payment gateways such as Paypal Pro, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, First Data are available upon request.
  • Coupon code support: You can create coupon codes from back-end of the extension and send these coupon codes to your customers so that they get discount while registering for your events. Coupon code can give discount by amount or by percent of total registration cost, can be used for one specify event or for all events.
  • Captcha support: Captcha can be used on free, paid or both free and paid events (to prevent spam).
  • Tax support: Allows site owner to setup tax rate for events.
  • Emails notification system: Allows site owners to send automated confirmation email to registrants and notification emails to administrators when someone register for events.
  • Registrants management: Allows site owners to manage all the registrants from the administration area of their site. Site owners can create new, view, edit, or delete registrants. You can also export registrants into CSV format and view it with softwares such as Microsoft Excel.
    • Site owners can also give permissions for some special users to be able to manage registrants from front-end (to prevent them from accessing the administration area of your site). Theses users can also use CSV export featue to export registrants of an event to a CSV file.
  • Registration History: Registrants can login into their accounts to see their registration history and modify registration information if needed.
  • Event Custom fields allow you to create custom fields (defined via an XML file) to display extra information about the event (beside basic information like title, price, event date, etc.).
  • Mass Mail: With Mass Mail feature, you can send email to all registrants of an event from back-end of the extension (without having to use a newsletter).
  • Waiting List feature: If you set this feature on, when an event is full, users will be able to enter information to join waiting list. If someone cancel their registration, site owners can then email users from the waiting list so that they can come and register for the event.
  • Prevent duplicate registration: This option allows preventing a user register for the same event twice (can be turned on/off from configuration).
  • Members discount and Early bird discount options.
  • Cancel registration: If administrator enable this features, registrants can cancel their registration before a certain date.
  • Option to send attachment file to registrants after they completed registration.
  • Auto reminder feature: Allows site owners to setup the reminder feature so that registrants are reminded about the event before X-days the event occurs.
  • Powerful custom fields feature: Allows site owners create custom fields to collect information of registrants (for both individual registration and group members information) .
    • Custom field fee creates a dynamic calculation total price for event registration based on the options which registrants choose during registration.
  • Social sharing: Integrating facebook, twitter and Google Plus and other buttons to enhance social sharing. Users can share the events with other users on social sites.
    • Your events can grow virally when shared and promoted by other users.
  • Invite function: The function is integrated so that users can invite their friends to view and register for this event.
  • Option to hide past events automatically without having to unpublish it.
  • Locations management: Allows site owners to create and manage locations of events. When visitors view an event from front-end, they can see the details of the event location.
  • Google Map integration: Event system is integrated with Google map to allow registrants to view locations of events on the map. Registrants can view map to get direction to this location.


For advanced users, there are many other configuration options available.

    1. You can create a customized message at the top of your event registration form.
    2. You can create a customized message at the top of your confirmation page.
    3. You can create a customized message for your thank you page.
    4. You can create a customized message for registrants who cancel their registration.
    1. You can create a customized confirmation email subject line.
    2. You can create a customized confirmation email body message.
    3. You can create a customized notification email subject sent to internal staff or volunteers.
    4. You can create a customized notification email body to internal staff or volunteers.
    1. You can choose to show or hide specific fields on your event registration form.
    2. You can choose to have specific fields as being required on your event registration form.

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