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Google Analytics

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IT'S FREE! That's right, everyone's favorite 4 letter word, FREE! It's also easy to use and the learning curve is pretty quick. To help, there is an extensive documentation available on almost every aspect; on both the implementation as well as the configuration part. Take a look at the Tracking Code Quickstart here. Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.


ANALYSIS TOOLS: Google Analytics is built on a powerful, easy to use, reporting platform, so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks. Powerful customizable reports; create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface. Powerful customizable reports; create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface. Add many different dimensions and metrics in one report. Build your own metrics dashboard in minutes. Instead of wading through data, you have instant access to the answers you need.


CONTENT ANALYTICS: Content reports help you understand which parts of your website are performing well, which pages are most popular so you can create a better experience for your customers. Eliminate the guesswork from designing your website. Test variations of your pages so you know which designs lead to the most conversions. You can simply set up these tests in Google Analytics, under Experiments in the Content section. Use In-Page Analytics to visually analyze how visitors move around your website.


SOCIAL ANALYTICS: The web is a social place and Google Analytics measures success of your social media programs. You can analyze how visitors interact with sharing features on your site (like the Google +1 button) and engage with your content across social platforms. Measure the impact of social media on metrics you care about. It shows conversion rates and the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to referrals from each social network. Link social impact to the metrics that you care about by setting up relevant goals for your business.


MOBILE ANALYTICS: Google Analytics helps you measure the impact of mobile on your business. Mobile is changing the way that people communicate, work and play, and much of the growing adoption and innovation is driven by mobile apps. Mobile App Analytics provides end to end measurement of the entire customer journey for apps - from discovery to download through to engagement. Discover which devices visitors are using to find your website so you can present your brand in the best formats for those devices. Google Analytics can display which mobile operating systems and specific mobile devices send visitors to your site, mobile app, or social media page.


CONVERSION ANALYTICS: Find out how many customers you're attracting, how much you're selling and how users are engaging with your site with Google Analytics' range of analysis features. our site is dynamic, and your conversion goals should be too. With Google Analytics Goals and Event Tracking, you can track sales, downloads, video plays, conversions, site engagement, or define your own metrics. You can also tailor your reporting based on what you want to achieve and identify what visitor actions are most likely to help you meet your business objectives.

ADVERTISING ANALYTICS: Make the most of your advertising by learning how well your social, mobile, search and display ads are working. Link your website activity to your marketing campaigns to get the complete picture and improve your advertising performance. Make your search engine marketing more effective. With Google Analytics, you can link visitor behavior to your SEM campaigns (across Google, Bing, Yahoo and more) and make smarter bidding and keyword choices. If you use AdWords, you can auto-tag your campaigns and easily see any differences in conversion rates for different ad placements or landing pages.