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What sets us apart as a company is that we want to be sure you’re happy with our products and services. If you have an issue with any of our products or services, please let us know and we’ll help you resolve your issue.

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Small Business and Non-Profit Web Design Agency

Our Team

INTELLIPLANS operates within 11 interdependent departments, each offering a variety of services catering to almost every business need. And while these divisions communicate and function together smoothly they are also independent of each other, which gives you the freedom to choose your services without feeling trapped in a package deal. For example, if you have already registered your domain name with another company but want INTELLIPLANS to build and host your website, we can do that easily – we don’t require that you get every service from us. We have enough confidence in the quality of our services to allow each division to stand on its own merits.

There are, however, advantages if you choose a complete set of services from INTELLIPLANS, for example domain registration and website design, development and hosting. If you ever wanted to make a change, such as upgrading from a shared server to a dedicated server, all you would have to do is approve the change. Our project managers will coordinate your needs and handle the communications between divisions so all you see are the results you need.

We offer the entire infrastructure. You choose what you need.