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An exceptionally organized company.

An exceptionally organized company. I was literally amazed at their response times when I sent out my RFP. Here's what impressed me should you take my review as a deciding factor as I wasted a lot of time researching other companies: 1. Cost - this was important to me because this was a start up company I recently established. INTELLIPLANS pricing was the best, hands down! 2. Delivery - As my company was a start-up and I had to start getting clients, I wanted to show my site to them. INTELLIPLANS once again beat the competition on a custom site that I wanted. Sure, I could have used one of the thousands of templates that they have on their site, but I wanted to stand out. They built my site in 48 hours! Yes, I said 48 hours! 3. Support - they offer 24/7 support. Just what I wanted. 4. One place for everything. I also got my business cards designed and printed at an even lower rate than my local printer. They were also the fastest for the small amount I ordered to keep my costs down. I could go on and on, but the above were important to me as a small business start- up and that's what made me go with INTELLIPLANS. I hope this review helps some of you that are in the position I was in. Regards, Stanley Johnson

Email Templates

I am so indebted to you all. You did a great job on our website as well as set up of our email templates. Exceptional support and overall great company with a ton of offers. We highly recommend INTELLIPLANS. Keep this up and you'll be #1 for everything you provide!!! - Jacob

Branding, domain names and more.

INTELLLIPLANS did a great job for my small business branding. They are really a one source solution. I registered my domains through them, then they did my logo, brochures, flyers, website and even host my domain. It's a pleasure to do business with them because they really cared for me when I was now starting out my business. - Jonatha