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Website Design

INTELLIPLANS designers are among the top in the field, with advanced degrees in graphic design and certification by Adobe.

With considerable creativity and skill, our designers can create a unique look for your website as well as flash intros and custom templates for email marketing.

Hiring an Experienced and Professional Website Development Company

Deciding to hire a company or a freelancer is not an easy task. We'll provide you with useful information based on our experience which may help you make the right decision.

It is easy to hire website developers who not only promise great results, but may also have a great portfolio of past projects. In such a case, what would make a business or individual settle for an experienced and professional website developer instead of a freelancer? Here are some profound  reasons why.

1. Major Complex Projects

Some websites require specialized skill and support to manage. This is true with  solutions such as those offered to gaming clients, financial service providers and dynamic e-commerce online stores. As a result, it is important that such projects are outsourced to companies that can guarantee high levels of quality service and after sales support that in most instances is beyond the ability of modest freelance outfits.

2. Total Quality Management

A fully fledged web development company has the capacity of guaranteeing industry standard quality of work as compared to freelancers. Not only do they have a reputation that they need to maintain, but the fact that they have experience in the web development industry means that they have a workflow process that ensures they get their projects done in similar fashion, adhering to quality benchmarks and within the shortest optimal time.

3. Need for Vast Expertise

Teams in professional website development companies practice specialization and task distribution better that in freelance outfits where most tasks are handled by the same pair of hands. In the former case, the quality of work is higher and the teams are able to cover more aspects of website development that are sometimes overlooked such as search engine optimization, social media optimization and web copy writing and quality content creation.

4. Better Technical Support

Technical support is a big challenge even to well established professional firms. Freelance web developers mostly run their businesses on lean budgets, and since technical support is resource intensive, they may not be able to offer support round the clock especially if the website being developed is custom built and has specialized needs that cannot be handled by new technical persons.

5. Time and Money

Most decisions that settle for freelance developers over experienced professional developers cite cost savings. This is regularly discovered to be untrue when the cost of development, re-work and maintenance are considered. In most cases a professional web designer will submit high quality work within stipulated time limits, and the website may not need re-work over the long run because professional developers always work with quality benchmarks in mind.