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March 2021

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I’m excited to share Unsplash is being acquired by Getty Images today. The reason I’m excited about this acquisition is because it’s not goodbye, it’s about acceleration. This is not one of those tech acquisitions where the company is bought to be shut down. Unsplash will continue to operate as a standalone brand and division of Getty Images. The entire Unsplash team will be staying and building Unsplash in the direction we have been. The main difference now is we have access to the resources and experience of Getty Images to help accelerate our plans to create the world’s most useful visual

When it comes to creating or managing a project such as designing a logo, building a website, or even maintaining a website, you’ve probably heard of the concept of “Good, fast or cheap. Pick two.”This concept was said to be introduced in the early 1950s, but now is widely used and known universally by a few different names – it’s known as the Project Management Triangle, Triple Constraint, or Iron Triangle.Let's take a deeper dive into how this applies to your task, business, or any activity for that matter?  For a simpler reading, we'll refer to any activity as a

You have got all the aspects set for your business. The marketing and business plans are ready to be executed. You have everything under control and ready to be executed. It is time to get your website up and running. But how should it look and who is going to design its layout?Website layout and design is an important factor that most individuals tend to come up with poorly. The first impression that users or visitors get when they visit a website is important in determining the success and visual appeal. Putting a focus on the aesthetics of the website