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Partnership Opportunities

INTELLIPLANS Partnership Opportunities
INTELLIPLANS Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities


If you’d like to offer your clients custom websites, templates, design services, internet marketing, seo, printing services and a suite of business solutions. but don’t have the time, know-how, or established infrastructure to do so, then let INTELLIPLANS do it for you.  Earn an extra income or even replace your existing salary!  Simply concentrate on promotions and sales, we’ll do the rest for you!

Here’s what all our custom partner offerings include:

  • Domain Names with 24/7 phone support
  • Hosting with 24/7 phone support
  • SSL with 24/7 phone support
  • World class online marketing services
  • 24/7 proprietary online reporting
  • SEO / SEM Services
  • Printing Services
  • Outstanding customer support (if you prefer to have us provide it)
  • Training for your sales and support teams
  • much more…

We’ll customize a plan based on a variety of scenarios:

White Label

If you don’t want your clients to know that INTELLIPLANS is performing the work, we can configure our technology so that it is 100% branded with your company’s look and feel. The name INTELLIPLANS will be nowhere in sight. Also, we can provide customer service in your name, answer phones in your name, and so forth.


If you’re comfortable with transparency and would prefer to co-brand, we can customize our technology and services to accomplish that, too. INTELLIPLANS would be listed as the partner, with your brand still front and center. In this scenario, we can service the customer in our name or yours.


If you’re a traditional advertising agency looking to add online marketing to your portfolio of services, we have a lot of experience working with agencies large and small to provide their clients with world-class online and offline marketing services and support. To learn about our exclusive agency program contact us.

Other Scenarios

For scenarios that are different from those listed above, please contact our team and we will customize a plan just for you. Since we provide the same exclusive technologies, training, and top-notch customer service for your clients as we do for our own direct clients, you can rest assured knowing your clients are in good hands.

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